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We're Fucked

Date: 2023-05-07
Tags:  AI

This is my thoughts after the Drake and Weekend song that popped off a few days ago, it was called Heart on My Sleeve. This is the kind of song that if it came out, it would have been the song of the summer. But thanks to an industry push, it was pulled from everywhere and so it will probably die out.

I've also heard Kanye singing Hey there Delilah and its unfortunate but it's actually really good. I've heard a whole bunch of AI songs now and it is the strangest feeling, I want to believe that the intent behind the song matters and that knowing that a human made it is part of the experience. If this has no human component does it matter if read meaning into the song? Nothing felt the emotions that I might be reading.

We are screwed now that we can use an artist's voice and generate songs. Take the songs I already like and have them sung by anyone else. Automate this and I can see music cratering. Maybe.

Either way life is about to get way more interesting going forward. At least I hope. It could fizzle out similar to how deepfakes are relatively niche still. If the entire world makes a concentrated effort to keep AI singers away from people then I can see this turning out like deepfakes.

However I can also see this blowing up into music apps that will let you build playlists and match them to AI singers and voila, you have your own personal library of singer slaves singing the songs you already like.