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What is Going On Here

Date: 2023-07-05

Read that first as I don't think I can say it better.

Let me continue the chain of broken telephone. I write my blog to get my ideas out. There is nothing more. I had hopes of writing in depth things and long form content. I admire that kind of writing and so I thought I would do something similar. The earliest things I wrote were tutorials but now I write mostly to just jot things down. Many things are shortcuts, cheatsheets, things to jog my memory specifically. There isn't much here that is super helpful because the audience I'm writing for is a size of 1. I used to worry about setting the stage and being up front about what level of expertise I expect. I wondered if I needed to explain things before jumping into things but now that I'm writing only for myself, that has stopped for the most part. I find it still helpful to talk as if I'm writing to some grand audience but that's just the way I like writing.

but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it’s for me

It is quite cool that this guy that helped found reddit, create markdown and ultimately died fighting for his belief is so relatable. He wrote this post on July 29, 2006. Here I am, July 6, 2023, almost 17 years to the day, thinking the same thing and wishing I had come to this revelation instead of reading it and realizing that I felt the same thing.

I wonder how much further he would have been had he not been fucked by the system. Would he have lost something as he grew up. He died and so he lives on as a snapshot of a moment. Everyone else has time to put their foot in their mouth. ch file or directory