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Wkhtmltopdf and Vue

Title: Wkhtmltopdf and Vue
Date: 2022-03-16
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I started using vue2 with wkhtmltopdf in earnest and it works quite well. I think this might be the easiest and most sane way to generate report pdfs now. I remember wkhtmltopdf being a game changer as it made it so much easier to debug compared to the java library we were using before. Vue might be a similar boost in how it allows templating straight in the html.

I'm a bit worried that I've added too many abstractions that I'm just making things needlessly complex but I think this is a good path to be on.

I've also begun creating my own subset of tailwindcss. It's definitely useful and the classes I use the most are the spacers so I can ignore quite a bit of tailwind. I don't think it's worth bringing it in fully but maybe I'll be able to use it for another project.

I have another universe project that I want to do which I've been ignoring which is setting up ultisnippets for all the universe commands. That would be extremely useful going forward.

Lots to do!