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World News - 5

Title: World News - 5
Date: 2023-01-15
Sequence: 1
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I got the core of everything working and I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out.

I now update a database with all the rss feed information and then query against that to display articles. This has sped the site up and it was straightforward to swap in the database once I got everything laid out just right.

I really like using the filesystem as a database until I'm ready. This gave me the ability to interrogate the files easily without having to use sql. Once I had an idea of what data I needed, saving it to a database was easy.

I also learned that using an even number node version is important as the odd numbered ones are not LTS and in this case, sveltekit doesn't work with 17.3. Bah!

I had to install 16.19 when I used 17.3 for other projects.

Also thanks to the site I learned they might add a entry fee for the pantheon and that people in Rome have an issue with that. They see it as their heritage and part of the commons. They also don't seem to be in favor of a 2 tier system of tourists paying which I don't think I mind. It seems its an issue for them. I also learned that a Finnish couple moved to Italy with their kids and then bounced because the education wasn't up to snuff. They wrote an open letter and this has caused a helluva ruckus and it even made it to the Italian parliament.

This is fun. I haven't decided if I want to promise to maintain this site similar to leftwrite. Leftwrite, I promised to maintain it for a minimum of 10 years. I consider it feature complete and so it would just be maintenance. I don't think my news site is in that realm of stability and I'm not entire convinced that I'm interested in it.