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Writing CAT for UniVerse

Date: 2023-05-04

Wrote a poor man's version of cat for BASIC. CT works perfectly fine for viewing but I usually want to copy the test somewhere and CT prints the line numbers in addition to the data. This is because CT was designed to display records and so it's important to see the attributes. However for my use case it doesn't make sense.

So I wrote CAT, all it does is read in the record specified and print the contents to the screen. I want to add a few options but not sure if they are important enough to do so. I don't want to add features just because I can!

One nice to have would be printing unprintable characters. It would be a fast way to view a file without having to open it in ED or EVA and using the up caret mode.

Another nice to have would be to print line numbers but that is fulfilled by CT. Having it in CAT would be good because then everything is in just a single command.

You can find CAT and friends at the usual:

Slowly slowly.