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Title: 2022-04-30 
Date: 2022-04-29
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Trying to get things to work that need compilation on red hat 7 is painful. Much easier to just install an older version of a package. Feels hacky but I'm just trying to load data into sqlite.

This is because universe doesn't do pagination so I'm going to load data to sqlite and then page the data from there. This means the data won't be as fresh as possible unfortunately. I'll need to figure out a way to get the data out of universe but paged as shipping everything to the frontend is too expensive.

Thinking about it, I could do cursor pagination with universe by doing ids greater than X with an execute. I think that should actually work similar to doing sqlite cursor pagination. This would mean that the data I'm looking at is always the freshest.

It looks like this idea won't work as universe doesn't have a way for specifying how many records to return. This seems to be a shortcoming and to get around I would need to read the entire list and then create a sub list of the number items I want. I wonder why this is.