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Advent of Code 2023 - Day 2

Date: 2023-12-02

This day was much more straightforward than day 1. I really like day 1 for the memes it's generating as everyone seems to be having fun going through the trickiness of day 1.

Day 2 involved more string munging/parsing but was otherwise simple. It did make me wish that there was a MAXIMUM function in basic that would find the max of each multivalue grouping. This feels like something that should exist.

I also got the distinct feeling that part 1 of the puzzle could be done in a really nice way with the database and with selects. I didn't spend much time thinking about it though as I wanted to wrap it up before day 3 rolled around. It wouldn't do to already be behind by day 2!

I think there is definitely a version of advent of code that I want to do directly in Pick with SELECTS and queries. That might be a fun little adventure though it will probably make some things harder.

Someone else also joined me for day 2 on the pick forums so that was quite nice, hopefully more people chime in or at least give some insight about some better ways to do things.

My answer for day 2