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Apple Vision Pro

Date: 2023-06-06
Tags:  apple, tech, promised

Another step closer to the future we were promised. The Apple Vision launch on June 5th 2023 was huge. An AR/VR headset that looks technically brilliant and has the backing of Apple so I don't think its just vaporware. The first thing is that they mix reality and virtual together and apparently the passthrough is perfect.

The Video

Introducing the Apple Vision Pro

This means that the headset is capable of recording the world and displaying it to you with all of the frames printed and processed properly which is crazy fast. This also opens the doors to modifying our realities perfectly. Apple has gone the way of just creating everything digitally and this is terrifying. Imagine being able to slighly modify reality or to hide things. It'll work because the entire world is filtered by the headset.

I also love the Eyesight feature which records your eyes and displays it on the headset. Fucking great idea, it makes everything far more human.

I think the big draw is that this is done by Apple and that they are coming in at a fat price which hopefully means that they are going all in on. The headset comes in at 3.5k USD which is huge. Hopefully there is a market and they do succeed because everyone is going to try and get in on it.

My own use case is largely for code, I don't play any games and I don't really care about experiences. I want to write and read code anywhere and on anything and this would be such a cool way to do it.

I'm curious what the weight is going to be because it looks like its made of premium material which is usually heavy. The battery life is pretty bad at 2 hours, especially since you need to have a battery pack on your hip anyway.

I don't think this is groundshaking as the AI stuff that is being hyped currently but this is definitely pretty hype. The first product launch by Apple in a long while, I hope it goes the way of iPhone and not the watch.

So far the reviews and articles have been glowing.


The comments on HN have been far less and many people are asking what market is this really going to serve. In my eyes, Apple is going to create a market out of thin air for this thing. I can see this getting snapped up by enterprise and it being a new platform means that there is going to be a gold rush early on.

VisionOS is the name of their new operating system. Apple also calls it all spatial computing which makes sense in light of the spatial audio and 3d camera stuff but they seem to be staying away from AR and VR as buzzwords.

Notes on the Vision Pro

Some very cool ideas in this post about where VisionOS can go. The big thing would be infospaces, the idea that you could bake entire rooms with things. Being surronded by code probably makes you a better coder similar to a writer and an artist. It also explains why artists always seem to have so much art around them now that I think about it.

There is also the idea of a persistent world. You could lock things to a place, the kitchen has recipe books and snippets related to cooking. The gym has your workouts all ready to go with tallys everywhere. Your books have notes tied to pages. This idea is intoxicating, you could embed text to places which would be perfect for me. I already do it with LeftWrite where I leave notes tied to things I browsed, imagine leaving notes to places.

Twitter Post

Some notes about predictive abilities in the vision os where it will figure out what you want to click before you click so it can be ready to go. This is like hovering over a link and prefeteching the content. Goddamn. Creepy.

The vision OS will remove itself from the videos that you take. At least for face time calls. Goddamn. The future is strange and censored. I like that they call it your persona but that feels way creepier. It seems like they are using AI to mimic you rather than stitching together a picture of you without the glasses.

I wonder if I could get this working without my glasses. Could you use digital tech to balance out my shitastic eyes? I'm guessing not but I'm not sure why.