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Avatar - The Way of Water

Date: 2023-01-28

I can't believe that 10 years later James Cameron actually through with a new Avatar movie, made it good and also made the tech stupid good. He literally did everything he set out to do, though I am curious why he thought Avatar 2 was going to come out in 2014.

I wonder if Avatar 3 and 4 will come out soon or will it be a similar time frame.

The movie was great, long but great. Everything was so cool. I don't know if its because I'm older now but I find myself siding with the humans more and more. The conquering of land is so innate and natural that I don't think we will ever get past it. We sent over entire ships and are planning to make Pandora our new home. I can see that happening. The first movie was about mining rights, now it's about colonization. I wish it had done a deeper dive into that aspect of it, the way that colonization is shown in the movie seems exactly like what we did to the natives in the west. We rolled in and pushed them further and further away.

Today in Canada, every nation park tour, every school starts off with land acknowledgements. I think the Na'vi and those helping them should be able to smuggle and get videos and help from the people of Earth. I can see us trying different styles of colonization. Though we do have current wars where people roll in and just take shit so who knows. Maybe this is actually the most realistic way of taking over a planet.

I loved the tech and the city the humans were building. Very cool. I also could feel for the Na'vi and Jake in particular. Jake has gotten much better as a character and I really liked the plot of this movie compared to the first. The water scenes were wonderful and the water Na'vi were cool as hell. The different evolutionary tract they're on is neat.

All of the siblings have their own personalities and things driving them and they feel like real siblings. The biggest issue I had was with Spider and how they made him an outcast. He was just a kid but they very much made him an outsider.

The biggest plot hole in the movie was where did the Na'vi go when it got dark during the final fight. They literally all bounced as soon as they won, except their forget their princess. She was still hanging out with Jake and the crew. It was wild that the ending was that tense when it should been a cake walk.

Overall great movie and I watched it twice. Definitely worth Imax.