Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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The Menu

Date: 2023-01-28

Enjoyed watching The Menu. I had gone in thinking it was a horror movie and most definitely was not one. The marketing got it completely wrong, I'm not sure what genre it should be considered as it seems closest to a thriller but even that doesn't feel right.

The movie was quite great, the set up was a group of rich people of all different types are going to a boujie restaurant on an island. It starts great and progressively get's better. I'll be posting spoilers and thoughts below.

The most surprising thing was learning the main actress was an escort that Tyler was sentencing to death. Goddamn Tyler was a piece of shit. I loved that all the rich people seem to deserve their deaths, though the failed actor and his assistant were weak justifications.

I also love that the commentary can expand to fan culture in general. The biggest being the one about the fans that have so much to say, know so much about something but they never actually did anything. Tyler was the epitome of these kinds of people. They learn and know so much except for the actual lived experience. The other was the critic, always being negative as that is what the audience wants to see. So they will always find the flaws in things. I also loved the old rich people that were there just to be seen, they don't care one bit about the food itself or the chef.

Overall it was a good movie and one that I would watch again as it was quite easy.