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Blog Engine - ScarletDME

Date: 2023-10-28
Tags:  zig

I have updated my site to use my 64 bit zig version of ScarletDME and it looks like everything is still working. This is pretty good news.

A draw back though is that it feels a tad sluggish which means I may have screwed something up. Either the implementation of big integers in zig or changing the mark_mapping from a bitfield to using a whole byte. I'll need to investigate this but for now it is fine.

I'm pretty happy that the idea of going to zig worked out as much as it did. I have another project that I have in my mind for SERAPHIM web server and this one will be for D3. That will be a good stress test.

Author's Note
I changed the allocator from the GeneralPurposeAllocator to the c_allocator and my site is now back to being quick. It takes about 500ms instead of 1300ms to load a page. It wasn't the mark_mapping but the allocator!