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C482 - Thoughts on the Java Project

Date: 2022-12-30

Intellij is significantly better than eclipse and netbeans.

The IDE has definitely entered a realm unlike any other and I just never noticed. It blows even vscode out of the water. Everything from the way it annotates the functions and classes, the way it shows you how many uses there are. The ability to jump to errors and click a button to fix them. The fact that it links the various xml and controllers together so you can click a link to get to them. Everything about this IDE is great.

Using chatgpt to write javafx code that i never did before and I don't have a true grasp of java means that it was a waste of time mostly. I didn't know what I didn't know but it also didn't lead me down the wrong path. Trying to use it and stackoverflow was helpful but ultimately just trying different things is what solved my problem with the fxml and getting a table to show up.

I think maybe I should have asked for a base example from chatgpt and got that working instead of trying to work on a project. I can also see a future avenue for chatgpt would be to able to give it enough context for it to help. I had so many files that it basically told me to just double check all my references. It never really gave me enough to copy and paste unfortunately. I still think chatgpt is going to be a huge part of programming but its not quite there yet. It could also be me, I may not be using it the right way here to have it help me properly.

Not a big fan of scene builder, I much prefer writing fxml manually. The scene builder integration however is damn cool in intellij.

I miss html and javascript form building. This is ridiculous how cumbersome things are in javaland. Most of it is my own lack of knowledge and skill but still, it is quite painful to both do things and to look for examples or even look for help. Things are very verbose and it doesn't look like there is an active community around javafx.

The thing I miss most is the interactiveness of html. I could make a change and immediately see it if I had something refreshing my browser or even a manual F5 was easy enough. In intellij I could probably get similar functionality but I currently just click the run button. The other thing is the inspector in the browser is a godsend for trying things out and the console is useful to see how things are working.

FXML basically looks like html and I don't have much of an issue with it.

Overall the project is definitely teaching me something.