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EVA - Markdown

Title: EVA - Markdown
Date: 2023-03-24
Sequence: 2
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I added a markdown mode to EVA. It's basically a plain text editor but inside universe. The backspace logic isn't fully functional but adding margins and removing the numbers was straightforward. I really like how simple it was to add this mode. It means that the structure of the editor is fine even if code isn't clever. Someday I want to redo the lines logic and make it use a real data structure so it isn't so heavy.

Slowly starting to use LCL as my main system. With being able to write markdown this will shift me quite a bit from using vim.

I fixed a weird error with backspace but it feels hokey. I have a kludge that checks to see if a line a multiline string and if it is, it then checks to see if the mod of it and the view width is 0. If it is 0, it adds 1 to the length so that the delete works properly. It sort of makes sense but not really. Definitely a hack and a lack of understanding. However, it is more important to get the editor working.

I've also moved my blog posts into UniVerse now. A large step in the eventual migration to using LCL completely. I still have some issues with markdown and multilline stuff.

Fixed up the issue with multiline strings not moving the scroll down. The issue was that I was only reprinting the line, I wasn't actually redrawing the lines. Now there are are still issues with scrolling. I don't have it automatically scrolling yet.

For now however the markdown part of EVA is done!