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FUSE Tutorial - Thoughts

Date: 2023-02-07

I pretty much got what I wanted out of writing a FUSE program, it exposes sqlite as a file system and I think it works pretty well. The biggest issue is that its in C and it makes things that should be easy hard. I don't know enough C so I think switching gears might be a good idea now.

I want to expose the files as json. I want to be able to have niceties of the modern day like vectors, I want to also not have to malloc strings and then free them. To that end, I'm going to take a stab at writing another fuse program with rust.

I could go C++ or any of the other languages but I think rust would be a good thing to try and use here. This is probably the first program I'll be writing in rust that isn't just some sort of network string munger. I have written http servers, a gopher client and websites with rust but I never really got it. I don't expect this project to change that but it would be good to see the differences between C and Rust.

I really wish there was a language that would be compiled but like javascript. I could write my fuse program in js but I don't want to use a language that I'm already comfortable with.