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Did Some Work with SvelteKit

Date: 2022-04-26

Not entirely sure if I'm a big fan but building out components and having layers of abstractions is definitely fun. The big problem is that to read this code afterwards. Its quite elegant and simple while I'm building things out but the real test will be coming back to this project in a few months and being able to change things.

I do like that I basically can define a schema in javascript and svelte will build it out with the components I specify. I think a big thing that will help is having a svelte cheatsheet similar to the one I made for vue.

I'm really taking the Baghdad parable to heart. A programmer would never write a DestroyBaghdad function as that is definitely wrong. Instead they would write a DestroyCity function that takes Baghdad as a parameter. This is pretty much what I've done and something that these javascript frameworks seem to allow pretty easily. Which is great but adds indirection to things that might not need it. After all maybe I should be manually writing out each Destroy...