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Some More Notes on Asahi Linux - 02

Date: 2022-04-25

I got the ethernet adapter and voila! It worked immediately. I installed the dialog package and then used wifi-menu which seemed to throw an error when I connected to my home network but I found that I was already connected to the wifi.

It looks like my wifi profile that I wrote under /etc/netctl/my_profile was already working.

This is the command I used to update the pacman package manager. This seems to be the same as doing apt-get update.

$ pacman -Syu

I also had to install the wpa_supplicant package.

Once I got wifi working, I disconnected the ethernet adapter and installed X and i3-gaps. This was pretty straightforward. Xterm wasn't appearing because the xorg-xmessage package was missing. I only found this out when I ran xterm in the shell which was a bit annoying. It'd be nice to have a terminal window that would output what X is doing.

The biggest issue that I have now is that my terminal text is tiny. I changed the dpi of X which helped quite a bit but my terminal is still screwy. Not sure if I want to deal with it or just install a different terminal.

Firefox is also ugly as sin. I forgot how bland it looks. I really want the polish level of macos but I also don't if that makes sense.

Oh well! I installed dmenu as which is something I love that I forgot about. Also installed sudo.

I'll need to get my vpn connection to work working as I do plan on doing some work when I go to Italy.

I switched my terminal to kitty and that worked out of the box with the dpi setting I'm using. With my terminal and wifi working, and firefox not looking as bad now that I lowered the dpi to 144, I think my asahi linux install is pretty easy to use now. I've installed a whole slew of things, the biggest thing being vim and fish. I realllly want a bash shell with fish capabilities.

I also use the starship prompt but I could probably do without it.

I really like using three fingers to paste.

At this point I'd consider my asahi linux set up pretty much done. Luckily I didn't run into too many issues. The guys who got this working so easily are insane.

Used feh to add a background, added it to the i3 config so it loads when I start. The next step is add taskbar as I would like a dock of some sort.

Installed rust, Goddamn is it significantly faster. My PC is a gaming rig but wsl2 took 1.88s vs mac's 0.16s. Something must be wrong. I'll need to check if my windows version is doing something wacky.