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Some Notes on Asahi Linux - 01

Date: 2022-04-24

TLDR: Install the Desktop version of Asahi Linux instead of the minimal.

Just some notes on installing Asahi Linux on my M1 mac. I loved arch linux in the past but I don't have the desire to go super deep into learning everything again so I'm hoping I can just wing it.

The first thing is that I needed to update my mac OS which was straightforward. It took some time but it went without issue.

The next step was to run the asahi linux script which once again was easy. The prompts are easy to understand and quite descriptive. Definitely one of the better linux installs I've done.

Also really cool that it installs from the MacOS which I've never seen before. I'm curious if that's a hard requirement or if its possible to boot up into asahi and install from a live disk.

The snag I hit was my own doing, the prompt asked me if I wanted the minimal install or the desktop install. I wanted to keep things light and install things as I needed them so I chose the minimal install.

This ended up being a bad move because all sorts of wifi stuff weren't installed such as wpa_supplicant or wifi-menu needing the dialog package. This meant I couldn't get internet access to download packages like i3 or a browser.


I'm going to pick up a usb c ethernet adapter as the macbook doesn't have an ethernet port but I'm hoping once I get the adapter, I'll be able to get online and start installing all the packages I need.

It isn't linux without me making problems for myself!