Friday | 08 DEC 2023

iOS Development - 1

I have an idea for a fun tamagatchi fitbit style app. I imagine it's a common idea because people have made memes and there are other rpg style apps. But it would be fun to build an app and this might be a good goal project.

The idea is to create an app where you take care of a pet. I'm thinking something neopets style where you can choose from a wide variety of pets, change their colors and buy them clothes.

The core of it is that walking steps is the exp you get. You can program in a workout schedule so if you focus on strength then it would boost the strength of your pet. If you choose cardio then it would get more speed.

Something where there is an actual value to the work you put in rather than something generic.

I think you could also tie in food tracking and vitamin tracking and have those things be different stats. Though the question becomes what are you using to do with those stats.

I also think it would be cool to incorporate the walking challenges other apps have like the one that has you walk to mount doom. That would be fun events to have.

I'm imagining a gamification strategy like duolingo where just a little bit is enough to hook you to come back. The weekly leader boards is also a great idea where it resets each week and you face new people.

The loseit app is great for how simple and sleek it is.

Now given those goals, I know nothing about iOS development. I could go react native but I'd rather build something native. The next thing would be to do a PWA which could be a good idea given that Apple is probably going to start allowing PWAs due to legal issues.

Learning swift however would be fun and so that wins out. I have never made a native mobile app, I've done react native and PWAs so this will be a new experience.

The consensus seems to be the 100 days of swift tutorial but it seems to start with xcode and friends already installed. So I think it might not be beginner enough. I think the apple developer docs might be a better place to start and then move to the tutorial.

A very pretty site:

Has a large header and then a call to action to buy the author's book. This is fine but I wish it wasn't fixed.

I wrote some custom css for the site, this is in stylus in firefox:

    skybar { position: relative!important; }
    nav { 
        position: relative!important; 
        margin-bottom: 0!important;
        height: unset!important;
    .section-space { display: none!important; }