Wednesday | 28 FEB 2024
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Jack Reacher - S01E08

Date: 2023-03-18
Tags:  reacher, tv

Loved the show.

The big ending is that Margrave is actually the hub of counterfeiting. Dollar bills are bleached and then 100 dollar notes are printed on them. It easy to get the plates and the ink but the paper is what is killer and so being able to bleach dollar bills is the Kliner's claim to fame. Pretty interesting twist and I enjoyed it.

I also was on guard for a double cross and I love that it was Picard. I would have hated for someone else part of the main cast to be a bad guy.

In the final episode all 3 of our heroes gets to kill their opposites which was great but wasn't cool enough. Picard dies to Finlay which was intense but the fight didn't last long enough. Roscoe kills Teal but it looked it was an accident. I would have liked for them to have had a conversation. Reacher killing KJ was pretty meh, once he was lit on fire, I thought that was it? It was very lacklustre.

The ending was meh and making KJ a weird psycho was strange. There was no big Venezuelan baddie, it was all just KJ and some south American goons.

We also get to see Joe at the end and the Reacher brother's mom which was nice.

Side note, Reacher feels autistic the way he says things and reacts. I swear there are scenes where he says something and someone laughs and I'm pretty sure he's not sure what the joke is. Its hilarious.

Overall, I really enjoyed Reacher.

A couple of things that never paid was the idea that the blues singer that Reacher was there for didn't matter, it was just coincidence. The french medal being buried seems to be symbolic of something but I'm not sure what. The idea that details matter only really came up with the Joblings' Garage. Was that all it was?