Sunday | 23 JUN 2024
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Leaving NixOS

Date: 2024-02-04
Tags:  nixos

After about a week, but really just a day of using NixOS as a daily driver, I think I'm a bit over my head. Something in my nixos installation is broken. When I added tailscale, it seems something got screwed up and now nix is trying to rebuild every package anytime I make a change. I let it run fully which took hours but when I added another program, it went back in to do the entire thing again.

I've tried to search around for an answer but I didn't find anything. I think if I forcefully wipe and re-install my configuration, it would probably be fine but that seems silly.

I can see the value in nix and home-manager looks more like what I want so I think switching to using Arch + Home Manager might be the way to go. This way I have the escape hatch ready to go while I get my feet wet with nix.