Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Oshi No Ko - Finale

Date: 2023-07-01
Tags:  anime

The series has ended and it was a great ride. I really liked this arc focusing on Kana and she is definitely my favourite girl now. I already quite liked her when her big thing was just working hard and trying to make the entire production great. I really thought she was going to stay uptight but she learned over the years that even if she's gifted everyone else still matters.

The mystery aspect is also not that important and I'm not sure if it will always be like that or if it picks up later. I'm still very curious about Saitou, the original owner of the Strawberry Productions. His wife has really come into her own and I really enjoy her character.

The next season will have Aqua act in a play with both Kana and Akane which will be fun I think. The show hasn't given me the urge to read the manga but I will keep an eye out for the next season of the anime.

Kana and Ruby talking about being centers:

Kana accepting her place in the center and getting rid of her nervousness thanks to Ruby:

Kana under the moon, less than a star but more than the warehouse she stood under before. Is this growth?

Some fans who are going to see the new B Komachi and one of the guys had seen Ai before. This was interesting and cool to see. The draw of Ai was probably heightened when she died.

I love these half face shots they keep doing.

The girls singing and dancing was good and the hype that they built certainly paid off.

And the pay offff

Kana has fully declared it to herself that she wants Aqua to love her and she will make it happen.

The girls reaction to Aqua dancing was hilarious.

In the opening I did realize the 3 shots:

As a doctor Aqua can affect some number of people:

As an actor her can affect a larger number of people:

And Ai has affect a crazy number of people: