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More Porting

Title: More Porting
Date: 2022-02-18
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Day 4? of porting code and I've been flying through the functions. I skipped the ones I thought were pointless and that seems to help. I hate doing that though as I want to be a completionist but it also saps my energy to port functions I don't know and can't test. So maybe in the future I'll come back to it. Getting something done is far better than just stopping. Something I really need to internalize.

Also now that I have a variety of code written, its all just pasting together different pieces. My C code is garbage so there is going to be quite the work to bring this up to snuff. For now I just want to get something working so I can start actually doing work. Thinking about that is making me excited because now i can start using maps and stuff with universe records to do updates.

This is going to be fun!