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Movies in March 2024

Date: 2024-04-23

Table of Contents

  1. Movies
  2. Recommendations

Some movies I watched. The theme is "Stuck somewhere."


Tusk was an extremely weird movie, I had confused it with Horns with Harry Pottery but this was with Justin Long. Dude gets captured and turned into walrus. Bizarre and weird and just overall disconcerting. There wasn't much in the way of horror or anything further. Just a weird premise.

30 Days of Night is a great horror movie about being stuck in a town where it will be 30 days of darkness. I would love to live out there as it looks gorgeous. The horror elements of the movie are great and this is a really good entry into the vampire genre. The vampires are dangerous and ancient. We see the cast try to surive for 30 days while there are bloodthirsty vampires around. It's similar to a zombie movie but a bit more tense because the vampires are capable of planning.

Dead End is a story about a family on a road trip and they end up taking a shortcut that never ends. They keep going down the same road and start to run into a stranger on the road. Great cast and I still can't get over the fact that the brother was jerking off in the woods. I'm really curious if that is something anyone can actually relate to. The end was a bit lacking but the build up all the way through is great and the mother and father are terrifying in their own ways.

Vivarium is probably my favourite movie of 2024 so far. It captures the feeling of getting stuck somewhere brilliantly and its a wild story. Very slow and the pacing isn't great but it builds the feeling of blandness well. The ending doesn't pay off and the worst part is that it was close to paying off. The ending montage scene could have been expanded upon much earlier and I think there is a really weird horror movie that would have made it one of my favourites.

Population 436 is another movie about being stuck in a town but this time due to God. The population of the town must always be 436 so when someone enters, the town needs to kill someone. It's a dated movie but it is fun to watch though the horror elements are mostly gone. It reminds me Resolution at the end. The love interest has a terrifying end.

Southbound is an anthology movie and it has 5 stories that are loosely connected. I really liked each one, with the best being the cultists taking in a girl band. The first story is also great with two guys running from something and seeing CGI skeletons. Terrible CGI but the creature design was pretty good.

The Endless is a movie about two brothers that go back to their cult just to check it out and run into weird stuff. This is a great movie especially if you're a fan of SCP.

Resolution should be watched beforehand though I think The Endless stands on its on. The ending of Resolution I think would be much better if you watch it first though. Great movie and once again, it feels like a SCP come to life.

Silent Hill is a good bad movie. This might be the best video game adaptation I've seen and the music is great because it comes from the game. The story is also weird and apparently not like the game too much but the rough shape is there. It was definitely scary at some points and the video game elements really came through. I love the idea of the entire town changing every few hours and you need to time things to live.

Tremors is not a scary movie but a damn fun movie. I would love to live in a town of 15 people living out of trailers.

The Fog is a boring and slow movie which is hard carried by the radio host. I was expecting way more from John Carpenter after watching The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness. It's a good movie and feels polished but it wasn't that scary. Reddit loved it but most people watched it when they were kids.

They Cloned Tyrone is a good movie and has much to say about the black experience. It's not very scary but it is entertaining. Watching Jamie Foxx be a pimp was great. This isn't Get Out but much better than other movies that lean into racial horror.

The Mist is the poster child of trapped somewhere and having to bond with people. The ending is a mindfuck and the movie is worth watching for that alone.

Last Shift is a great horror movie with a cast of mostly one. The scares, they story, the entire thing is all well done and everything fits together nicely. An actual scary movie on this list.


  1. Vivarium
  2. Last Shift
  3. Southbound
  4. The Endless
  5. Tremors