Monday | 15 APR 2024
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Node Addon

Date: 2022-02-01

This is a filler post. I've been working on getting writing a node C addon so I can call universe subroutines directly from javascript. I got the core of it now working so I'll be writing about that the next few days. The key ideas are that you need to know how to use the intercall functions provided by Universe, how the node-addon-api works and how to use libffi. With those three things, you can get the core of basically any of the universe functions working with javascript. I'm focusing on just the subroutine stuff because the way we do development at work is that we try to let BASIC have as much control of the manipulation of data as possible and other languages are used to do templating and design stuff.

This works out really well and I'm a fan of this so there isn't much need for me to have field or row level access from javascript but I imagine the logic can be extended pretty easily to form a proper UniObjects style bindings for javascript.

Anyway I'll go a bit more into it later.