Friday | 08 DEC 2023

Notes on the D3 Debugger

My notes on the useful commands in the D3 debugger.

E followed by a number will set the number of lines to execute when you hit G. If you hit E followed by nothing this will unset the number of lines and hitting G will let you run the program to completion.


This will execute some number of lines.


Variables can be interrogated.


This command will let you set the breakpoint at a specific line. For example, the below command will set a breakpoint for line 150.


You can also set a break point for when a variable gets to some value. Extremely useful inside a loop.


You can unset a breakpoint by referencing the slot. There are a total for 4 slots for break points.


You can list breakpoint slots by typing D.


You can also list out the program name and line number using ?