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NovaShell - Auto Updates and a Watch Command

Date: 2022-06-22

I set up auto updating for novashell so you can pull from github automatically. I guess I shouldn't call it auto as it isn't really auto, you need to trigger the update manually.

I also wrote a watch command which I think should be a separate subroutine or program rather than baked in.

Not sure if I like it or if it will be useful so I'll use this as a validation ground.

The changelog for v0.5.5.


Added some new commands to NSH. 

Added a watch command to automatically compile BASIC programs if they change.

You can now enable NSH to start when you log in.

New commands: 

NSHUP ENABLE STARTUP – This will update your user specific MD entry to start NSH
NSHUP DISABLE STARTUP – This will remove NSH from your user specific MD entry
NSHUP UPDATE – Automatically update NSH to the latest version on github
NSHUP CHECK – Check for updates to NSH
NSHUP SHOW – Show version number

An example:


Giving watch a comma delimited list of program folders and programs will check the files every second for changes. If there are changes, they will be recompiled. Successful compilations will display success and failed compilations will print out the full errors.