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NovaShell - Adding Colors

Date: 2022-06-23
Tags:  nsh

One of my biggest desires for the novashell is adding colors and I think I finally got it working decently. Currently only for xterm but I think I can live what that.

I found the escape codes for colors and then tested in both vt100 and xterm to find colors. xterm seems to work relatively well. I only get about 10 colors, 5 regular colors and 5 lighter versions of those colors. Still this is a start!

I'm excited about it! This also tells me that writing an editor with syntax highlighting is possible in BASIC. That's fun but I really want to get fish style completions for basic. I think that would be ridiculous.

FOR I = 1 TO 100
    PRINT CHAR(27) : '[' : I : 'm' : I : ": Hello World! " : CHAR(27) : '[0m'

This script prints out all the various colors.

2023-06-14 - I did get colors working and a fish like autosuggest :) This shell and my EVA editor are great now.