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Oshi No Ko - Up To Episode 5

Date: 2023-06-21
Tags:  anime

I finished episode 5 now and the show is pretty good. Episode 2 was lacking but the past 3 episodes have been great. I'm also noticing lots of parallels and orthonogals between the girls and Ai.

The biggest is that Ruby doesn't want to lie. I'm curious how this is going to play out once she learns how much of being an idol is a lie.

We also get a shot of Ruby in the OP very similar to how Ai was standing. Ai is under a sky filled stars with her arms out stretched. A single star shines brighter than all the others and she proclaims that her entire job is a lie and that is what she enjoys.

We get Ruby standing under a very similar sky but here she reaching out towards it. She is turned away as well. Ai is god gifted and Ruby has to fight for it perhaps.

I also love the shot of Kana where she does something very similar to Ai. She has her arms stretched out and she says that she likes the fact that someone else has been struggling silently with her in the entertainment industry. Kana is in a warehouse that is run down and broken.

Big fan of the moment Kana falls for Aqua.

It's also neat to see that Aqua had to pretend to be a stalker, just the person that killed Ai.

I also love the author of the manga from episode 3. She is a real one.

This is a very pretty anime.

One of my biggest questions is why both Aqua and Ruby have no real thoughts about their old lives. Aqua who is the doctor talks about Ai and treats her as a person, Ruby treats her as a mom. Perhaps they know they had a previous life but they don't remember or have the same attachments to their old parents. That life has ended and this life has started so it could be that.

I'm also curious if the reincarnation stuff will come into play later or is it just something to kickstart this story.

I also love how relevant and in real time this story is. Episode 5 has Kana and Ruby start a youtube channel so they can get fans while also building the idol group.