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Port Job

Date: 2022-02-15

I'm now in the drudge work of porting the intercall library to javascript. I want to get javascript to the point of being a valid way to connect to universe and to do that requires going beyond just being able to call subroutines. I've already ported over some of the big functions like select and readlist and it is going pretty well. However there is no learning at this point, now I'm very much just using the base I have to build out the rest of the functions.

A bit of the magic is definitely gone now but I think it will be useful to someone if I went through this and built out all the functions. It'll be useful to see how a dummy writes a node addon, how to use multivalue in javascript and how simple the c code can be to work with universe.

I really enjoyed writing the subroutine function because the difficulty there came from it being brand new to me and the ffi stuff was just so magical. I'll need to find something else to bite into after I finish this up.