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Date: 2023-11-16
Tags:  seraphim

A minor update. I want to build a demo application using my web server and to do that I had two main blockers.

The first was that my rendering was slow and I was thinking about re-writing it. I did some tests and realized that there was time savings to be had in how I collect and build the data. I was using POSTS when POSTS<-1> is significantly faster. I knew this but for some reason I had used the CTR variation. I'll leave the rendering alone for now and I'll take care to use the faster version of appending the data.

The second issue was that SERAPHIM was using generic names to get configuration information. I originally planned to have each application have it's own account so that structure made sense. However, in practice I don't want to log to many accounts and install the same programs everywhere. I would rather work out of one large account and namespace the files using the application name.

I changed SERAPHIM to let this happen now. I created the BOOK-OF-LIFE file which will contain the port and routes that an application uses and then you pass the application name to SERAPHIM.


The above command will tell SERAPHIM to run the BLOG application. This does mean that the BP folder will now contain code for multiple applications. I'm thinking instead of using WEB as the namespace, I'll use the application name and that should work. This will result in some strange names like BLOG.INDEX and BLOG.BLOG.INDEX.

The demo project is going to involve importing the AdventureWorks SQL database and making it multivalue. Once I do that, then I'll make a website for it using SERAPHIM and see how much of the entire flow I can get set up.

AdventureWorks for SQLite