Friday | 08 DEC 2023

Site Update - 31JUL2022

I moved off of netlify and I now host my site myself. Fun little adventure in writing the script to generate my blog and upload it. I forgot how finnicky tar can be and not I've learned scp is also finnicky.

I wanted to have a very simply deployment that was quick and easy. I really liked that part of using netlify because I simply had to do a git push and it would rebuild my site. I wrote a tiny script that does something similar, it tars up my site and then uploads it and voila, I am done. This is actually faster than netlify which is great.

I also added webcomponents to my site so I can get a consistent header and footer without having a nginx include or some sort of application server. This went extremely well and I need to look at using web components for more things.

I did some major re-structuring of my blog and I'm happy with where its at for now. The underlying structure is getting to the point where I can start treating it more like a wiki than a blog. The next step is to be able to add links easily and writing on the go. Now that it is something I am self hosting, the next step is to add the ability to write pages on the site. I want to try and keep it as barebones as possible.