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Thoughts on a Coding Blog

Title: Thoughts on a Coding Blog
Date: 2022-12-02
Sequence: 1
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This will be my first post, but probably not my last post about this idea that I have had kicking around for a long time. I like writing, especially about my coding projects but the big thing is that I would like to have the entire code snippet on the left hand side and then my thoughts an explanations on the right hands side with little arrows that bind explanations to code chunks.

I think it both looks cool and would help me understand my own code better. I'm not sure what format to do it in as I want it to be completely automated. I would also live it if the code view was syntax highlighted and that the page looked professional.

It would need to be lightweight and it should be generated in advance.

Maybe some sort of canvas style thing.


This site lets you set up these cute lines that link blocks together except I want to be able to link to code chunks. I guess one format could be having the code line numbers and parse that out.

(1-3,10-15) This code chunk sets up the variables and nulls them out. Then it loops through and finds the largest number.
(25-50) This is the bulk of the code that does all the work. 

The brackets will contain an array of line numbers with the ability to have dashes. This should be an unordered list.

The trailing dash simply lets me have paragraphs inside an explanation.

The trailing star ends a code file. This can be followed by more code files and explanations.

I think the first step is going to be actually getting a page rendered and have all the html and css that I want first. Once I have that, I'll need to see if I can get a sample piece working.