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wIntegrate - Scripting the Login

Date: 2023-08-05
Tags:  wintegrate, sysadmin

Some notes on automating the login process to wIntegrate.

Save the below file somewhere on your system:


Script 'wintsys\script\logon'

Wait ForText `login: `,,found
Type "username":cr

Wait ForText `Password: `,,found
Type "password":cr

Wait ForText `[root@server ~]# `,,found
Type "/usr/uv/bin/uv":cr


This script waits for specific text to appear in the wIntegrate window before it sends text. This way you can automate the login process.

To add this to a session:

Setup -> Preferences -> Scripts -> Add -> Navigate to where you saved the above script and select it

Make sure to save the session after adding the script. You should then be able to exit the session and start it again and automatically log in to the system.