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SvelteKit Update

Date: 2022-12-10

Bah! Due to sveltekit being under 1.0 it actually had some major changes since the last time I used it. It got rid of some of the directory based routing stuff to make it more explicit what is routable. They use alot of + page names to signify things and there is set names you have to use for everything. You also need to nest things much deeper than before. /user/login and /user/logout and /user/signup all need to be directories with their own +page.svelte. Before you can just have specific svelte files that get routed.

The other big change is shadow endpoints. They seem to have changed how they work for something else now which is interesting.

Not big enough to slow down full but enough that I can't rely on my old notes as much.

It looks they are in the candidate stage now so we'll see how it goes, hopefully things stabilize now and I won't be learning new things going forward.