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SvelteKit 3

Title: SvelteKit 3
Date: 2022-03-10
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Not sure if I'm a fan quite yet but I did fully combine the express api for my code search and the frontend svelte that I wrote. Everything is now working together using sveltekit and its definitely interesting. I never quite wrapped my ehad around the fact that SPAs require an backend api that is separate from the frontend but now I can see that these frameworks exist that merge the two together. I'm guess others like Next and Nuxt do a similar thing so you can just be in one codebase and work away.

So far I have the basics of sveltekit and svelte working and I think understand way more now than ever before. I still have much to learn and I think I need to read the sveltekit documentation but also there might be somewhere else to find information. It seems like there is some magic in sveltekit that I can't figure out. I also did a build of my project with my pick-universe library and it looks like everything just works. The build files also look pretty straightforward as it uses a polka server. Its interesting to see how sveltekit abstracts out the request response stuff so that you swap basically anything in.

I'm happy with where the project ended up and I can see it being useful and easy to modify. There is still some project structure stuff that I need to sort out however. I'm thinking about doing a full tutorial of a code search engine written in node and a frontend for it written in sveltekit. I also want to get sessions working.