Wednesday | 28 FEB 2024
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Magic in SvelteKit

Date: 2022-03-09

I'm playing around with sveltekit and watching a quick crash course really opened my eyes. The thing I keep learning is that typescript adds noise to the core message. I enabled typescript the first time I used it and it added things that I don't I should worry about until I understand the framework.

Using playing sveltekit is quite easy and naturally flows from what svelte already is which is cool. It has an uncomfortable amount of magic, everything from file and folder names being special to specific imports that only svelte understands takes away from the idea that svelte is using real javascript and html. Sveltekit does make things easy and its cool to see the mix of both frontend and backend blurring together here.

I'm curious how Next and Nuxt compare as that seems to be the bracket sveltekit is in. It might be that the standard is that there is a level of magic to a framework. Another word for magic is abstraction and computer science is after all all about abstractions.

There seems to be a level of magic in the name, I'm guessing that dashes like code-search are mapped to CodeSearch as a component.