Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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The Sand

Date: 2023-03-19
Tags:  horror, movies

A movie from 2015 about a group of kids that partied on the beach and wake up with all their friends missing. They realize that something in the sand is eating everyone but only when they touch the sand.

The ultimate floor is lava game and by god is the movie bad. Luckily its bad in a way that is super enjoyable.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Mitchel Musso and Cleo Berry in the movie though they didn't really fit. Gilbert did but I didn't buy Mitch was a respected member of this group.

This is my off the cuff remarks as I was watching the movie but I recommend watching this movie for the vibes.

I was laughing quite a bit during this movie.

The characters:

  • Ronnie - Girl who gets her fingers clobbered by the trunk
  • Shonda - Boyfriend stealing hussy
  • Kaylee - A girl who's not like other girls
  • Marsha - The guinea pi
  • Mitch - The guy
  • Jonah - Good looking guy A, in love with Kaylee
  • Vance - Good looking guy B
  • Gilbert - Guy stuck in a garbage can 100% of the movie
  • Cop - The absolute best guy, he was convinced the gang were on bath salts


  • Love the scene where the girl was like you can’t throw that far and the other girl was like I believe in you Jonah
  • When he called the guy shithead, the camera goes to Ronnie's face and its hilarious, she is like damnnnnn shits going down. It's like when the class goes OOOO
  • They timed the hands coming out to 1 hour
  • She punched the girl that slept with her boyfriend lmao
  • The guy who was ready to save the day died like a bitch lmao
  • Lmfao perfect couple
  • This movie is a daydream lmao what would you do with your friends
  • The ultimate floor is lava
  • The cop was so fucking hilarious
  • It needed to get the big guns out for Gilbert Lmfaoo
  • Why don’t they just drive the car to Jonah on the picnic table
  • The matches paid off brilliant film maker
  • Lmfao how did the thing learn how door handles work
  • Not a single moment in this movie built any dread lol
  • Are they sleeping next to a dead guy
  • The two girls walk away leaving Jonah lol the otp we deserved

Death Order:

  • Marsha Vance cop Mitch Ronnie Gilbert