Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Thoughts on a task manager

Date: 2022-10-20

I wrote a quick and dirty express application to track the work I do. It was basically a kanban style board/todo list and while it was helpful to visually see everything outstanding, I definitely don't like the interface. I gave it some barebones functionality but overall I just don't want to build it out. It seems too complex.

I feel like there should be a much simpler, plaintext way of tracking work to be done and writing notes about projects and code so that I can come back to it later. The biggest thing is that a project that I had actually worked on, I have completely forgotten about and it was way too recently. My memory is shot, this isn't the first time I mentioned this here so it is a bit of a worrying thought now.

I want to have my notes be something I can offload to and then reach back into later when I need something. Almost like, exactly like the pensive in harry potter. I think i need to focus on using vim and the terminal rather than js and express. I'm going to kill my task manager app this week as I don't think it will be useful. Still it was fun to design, I learned a few things. I like rounded borders and I like thick lines. I also like using the standard light css colors and adding opacity to things definitely adds depth.