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HTML Formatting in EVA

Date: 2023-05-06

I'm slowly figuring out how I want to get my blog set up under universe. The goal is to move all of the elements of my blog to universe so that I'm forced to do everything using my editor. Currently I was working on my main index.html file and as a by product I had to get my formatter working properly.

I'm pretty happy with the html formatting now and it seems to be handling the files I write pretty well. Random files might have issues but for my own use case my formatting logic is working perfectly!

It should be robust enough as currently the same logic and structure works for both html and BASIC so I'm hopefuly that adding javascript and css will be straightforward enough. Javascript might be difficult but I see no reason why I can't get css going at least.

The goal after that would be to get formatting of multiple different blocks in the same file. I want to be able to write css, html and js in the same file and format them using the same formatter. That would be lovely!

Also I think I may expand the goal of my editor to be purely for BASIC to also be an editor for html. I'll need to think about that one as the scope creep would be quite large. I'm comfortable adding html and css formatting because they are relatively small changes as the formatting structure allows it. I could move this logic and make it more dynamic so you can specify your own format files and then any language could be formatted. This however would expand the editor and I don't think that would be a good idea.

A tightly focused editor on one specific use case I think is the best solution. I already have enough going on with BASIC and PROC that I don't think it would be worth going all the way for web development. At least for now.