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Thoughts on User Sessions - Node + Express

Date: 2022-11-17

This is my current working system of setting up a session for a user. I get the database entry and then remove all the extra sequelize functions by using toJSON. Then I delete the keys that I don't want in the sessions database.

I then tack it onto the session. I would love it if every time I call render, the user session is available automatically for things like showing login/logout buttons and user specific information.'/login', async function(req, res, next) {
    let user = await db.User.findOne({ where: { username: req.body.username } });

    user = user.toJSON();

    delete user.password;
    delete user.createdAt;
    delete user.updatedAt; 

    req.session.user = { ...user };
    req.session.user.loggedIn = true;