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World News Site - 1

Title: World News Site - 1
Date: 2023-01-11
Sequence: 1
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I am currently working on a world news site. I wrote a little utility that would go to each country's subreddit and get the top 2 posts. The idea was that this would give me an overview of what the world was up to and what people were talking about. It was definitely fun to see things from all over the world, places that I never even heard about.

From that idea, I think a fun idea would be to get headlines from around the entire world from their own newspapers. I want to make it far more structured and official as my reddit thing was just a hacky solution and it looked awful.

The first step is to find rss feeds for English specific news sites as I won't be able to read the raw news. This means that I am self-selecting a bit here. This step is purely manual and I'm choosing the site by searching for whatever seems to be the popular site and then trying to find an rss feed for it. I have a few countries now so I can get started on getting the site up and running.

I wrote a download function and I have the sveltekit project up and running. I'm so happy that I wrote my sveltekit instructions as getting started with a project is always a pain and now it's stupid easy to just get to the coding part.

Here we go!