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Linux Printing with an Epson FX890IIN

Date: 2023-05-17
Tags:  linux, printers, sysadmin

This is a guide on how to set up the Epson FX890IIN dot matrix printer.

The first step will be to install the EpsonNet Config utility:

Once the utility is installed, you can then connect the printer to the network. The utility should then pick it up.

In EpsonNet Config, right click on the printer and select Configuration.

You can then assign the IP address by going to:

Network -> TCP/IP -> Basic

This will then let you choose between DHCP and manually setting the ip address.

Once the IP address is assigned, we can set up the printer in CUPS. I set up a hostname entry for the printer and then can set up connection:

lpadmin -p printer213 -v lpd://printer213/pr
cupsenable printer213
accept printer213

We should now be good to go!

The printer does have a web server so you can navigate to the ip address of the printer and manage it that way as well.