Wednesday | 28 FEB 2024
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A Test Markdown File

Date: 2022-01-16

On the come down of covid, hopefully today will be the last day of the big symptoms. Will still be isolating. If I breath too hard, I get tired so quickly.

I'm writing a markdown to html compiler and need a test file. Aaron Swartz and John Gruber developed the markdown syntax. I'm going to steal the idea of links being on new lines from gemini as I like that better. So this won't be a real markdown example but rather something specific to me.

I know of Aaron as the cofounder of reddit and a person who tried to make the internet a better and freer place. He killed himself at 26 in 2013 after carmen ortiz charged him with 35 years in prison for releasing academic journals for free.

Fuck carmen ortiz.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

####### This should be weird.

--- This should be a centered header ---

This is a footnote [^1].

This should be italic.

This should be bold.

This will be bold in the middle with italic bold there.

This will be ...really small I hope.

This will be small in the middle.

This will be a strikethrough.

This is a quote.

Next will be a list.

  • The first item.
  • The second item.
This is a code block;

This is a paragraph with some small code in it.

This is * with an escape.

This is # with an escape [^2].

This entire thing should be code

  • This is a side note

Hopefully.This has italics in it and this is also italic.

[:1] - A footnote.

[:2] - Another note.

This will test being in bold and small WOW! .