Tuesday | 21 MAY 2024
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Advent of Code 2023 - Day 11

Date: 2023-12-12
Tags:  advent-of-code

A fun day of mapping again but this time it was to find the shortest paths between 2 points. The test case shows a jagged line and that put me on the wrong path. The shorted path could also just be calculated with the traditional X1-X2 + Y1+Y2 which proved to work.

I quickly got this solution working and solved part 1. I did it without thinking of optimizing anything as I figured it would be fast enough. However I did have to math it out for part 2 as it involved expanding the map significantly. I should have known but I still had fun doing it this way.

I think this day will have the largest difference between the code for part 1 and the code for part 2.

Day 11

This is the first day where Advent of Code is getting to me. It's starting to eat up a lot of my available time and I have quite a few other things I want to do. I'm not sure if I'll be continuing but I'm hoping to at least do part 1 going forward.