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Vue vs Svelte

Date: 2022-03-02

I ported the vue code to svelte and just like going to ejs, svelte was also pretty straightforward. I had some issues but for the most part it was simple. The templating is all very similar and getting reactivity and doing all the sorting and pagination was the same. I was able to copy and paste most things. Funny enough, the line counts ended up being basically the same.

The biggest issue with svelte was that vim doesn't indent it well and I don't want to use vscode.

I like the structure that vue gives more than the structure that svelte gives. Svelte actually doesn't seem to enforce anything besides a script tag. I like that vue explicitly has a methods object and a computed object. I'll need to play around with it more to really get an idea of how these different frameworks work. I also need to try using vue with a build system and see if that changes things. The big thing I'd like is to be able to build out self contained components but so far everything has been in a single html file.