Monday | 15 APR 2024
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Ishura - Episode 8

Date: 2024-02-24
Tags:  anime, ishura

I love this anime. It is very much in the boat of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere which builds a sprawling array of cast and plot points and slowly works its way through. The first few episodes are similar and that we get introduced to so many people and there are constantly lore dumps happening.

I love it. Ishura throws you into the middle of things. The first 5 episodes were all world building and introducing the characters. Most of which are stupidly powerful. In the last few episodes they are all starting to run into each other it's fun to watch.

Higuare the Pelagic died this episode and I really liked him as a character. He was a mandrake gladiator that was learning the world. He was an interesting character and I could see him learning and becoming more deadly. He died to an unseen monster while fighting the World Word. His death was sudden and anticlimactic but it still wasn't a bad death. It didn't feel undeserved which is a strange thing to say. By spending a previous episode to explain Kuze the Passing Diaster's guardian and spending an episode on the World Word. Higuare's death didn't feel like it was a cheat. He himself was an absolute beast. Unfortunately there are people who make look insignificant.

I hope the show keeps that same energy going forward. Some of our overpowered cast are drastically more powerful than others. Those fights aren't contests. But damn is it still fun.

I'm not looking forward to the show ending because it might end up like Horizon which got a season 2 and then never continued. I may need to read the light novels if that happens to Ishura.