Monday | 15 APR 2024
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Amphibia - Season 2

Date: 2024-02-25
Tags:  amphibia, animated

Season 2 is a banger. It follows the Plantar family taking Anne to Newtopia which is the capital of Amphibia. We follow the set up, preparing the house, leaving Wartwood and going across the entire continent. Many adventures are had and it is quite delightful. I really enjoyed this part of the show. Wartwood was fun but seeing the cast going on a road trip was nice.

When we get to Newtopia, we meet Marcy, Anne's other best friend. Now we have met everyone and Marcy is adorable. She is a true nerd and got really into the fantasy element of the world. She has taken to the world in a way unlike Anne and Sasha. I think Anne has taken to the world the worst but she has also found herself a family. Sasha took to the world a bit too well but Marcy is studying and growing. I could really identify with her as I think I would do what she does if I got transported somewhere. Study, learn and live the life of a badass.

Seeing how Marcy has changed and how much Anne loves her is cool. Marcy had gone from someone who needed someone to look out for to someone who is very competent and dependable.

With marcy we get the quest for the jewels. The magic box has 3 jewels that need to be recharged at 3 magic temples. This forms the second half of the show. There was some drama with Hop Pop hiding the box to protect the family which was intense. I think it was a very relatable moment. I loved it and I wish we got to see Anne and Hop Pop make up a bit more.

Sasha is in middle of her own thing, she has lost control over her 2 friends and so she is starting a toad rebellion with Grimes. Her relationship with Grimes is cute but worrying. I really wonder what it would have been if Sasha and Anne and switched places. Marcy I think is fine where she is, she would have had the same energy to learn anywhere I think. However I could see Anne and Sasha changing based on where they landed.

Sasha tricks her friends to get into Newtopia with the completed box but Anne and the gang save the day by freeing the king and getting the box back from Sasha.

This is where the series goes crazy with the epiosde True Colors. An amazing episode and I can't believe this was a children's show. The king is actually an ancient god like being that is a conquerer. He wants to conquerer the various worlds that exist and needed the box to do. Now that he has it, there is no pretense and we sse the background stuff coming into play now.

Sprig get's thrown out of a window and this tilts Anne so much that she awakens a god like power. It is beautiful. It reminded me so much of gear 5 Luffy and I have to wonder if there is some inspiration going on. I watched the scene of Anne tilting when she thinks Sprig has died twice. It was one of my favourite bits of animation in a long time now.

Marcy saves Sprig and we finally get the true meaning of True Colors. At first it marked Sasha's true colors. Then the king's true colors. Then Anne's true color. And finally Marcy's true colors. Marcy had the biggest secret. She knew what the box was and had hoped to locate to a new world. Her family was moving and she didn't want to. She found a new world and thought she'd be able to live there with her friends. She threw them into this world. She knew about the king's plan but she didn't realize it would be so violent. She thought that she and her friends would go on adventures throughout the multiple worlds.

I love it. I love her reasoning. It makes the kind of sense that I've felt before. Why not. The real world isn't that fun. This world is magical, fantastical and you have your friends with you.

The final bit is Marcy trying to help stop the king and when she tries to let Anne escape, she gets a fire sword through the chest. Insane. Utterly unexpected from a kid's show.

I really wish they hadn't left in the after credit's scene. It shows the intro for the next season and we see Marcy on life support so she will likely survive. I thought it was a beautiful ending with Marcy sort of redeeming herself. Anne being helpless was going to be insane. I imagine she won't know for awhile that Marcy survived so I'm sure that will still be traumatic. The Plantars are now in the real world with Anne. Sasha is still in Amphibia with Grimes. I'm sure they will escape.

I miss season 1 hijinks to be honest. I loved the show when its just goofy one offs but the plot stuff is quite good and it's going to a place I wasn't expecting. Frog alien conquering race was not on my bingo card but damn here we are.