Monday | 15 APR 2024
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Redis Manifesto

Date: 2024-01-05
Tags:  manifestos

I think this really gets to the heart of why I try to do so much in BASIC. Code is like a poem and to use another language to supplement BASIC is fine but only as a last resort.

4 - Code is like a poem; it's not just something we write to reach some practical result. Sometimes people that are far from the Redis philosophy suggest using other code written by other authors (frequently in other languages) in order to implement something Redis currently lacks. But to us this is like if Shakespeare decided to end Enrico IV using the Paradiso from the Divina Commedia. Is using any external code a bad idea? Not at all. Like in "One Thousand and One Nights" smaller self contained stories are embedded in a bigger story, we'll be happy to use beautiful self contained libraries when needed. At the same time, when writing the Redis story we're trying to write smaller stories that will fit in to other code.

I really like antirez's way of thinking and it's one that I really mesh with.

7 - We optimize for joy. We believe writing code is a lot of hard work, and the only way it can be worth is by enjoying it. When there is no longer joy in writing code, the best thing to do is stop. To prevent this, we'll avoid taking paths that will make Redis less of a joy to develop.

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